Divyajyoti Eye Hospital offering Revolutionary eye treatment

Divyajyoti Eye Hospital(DJEH), a hi-tech eye centre with state of the art technology was established in Dec. 2001 in the midst of thickly populated subarbanites at 7 Bungalows.

Our motto Of "Diffusing darkness and infusing light" is reflected in each & every practical and methodical way in which we treat our patients.Keeping ourselves updated is the hallmark of DJEH.

DJEH constantly endeavors to incorporate all the latest trends in eye diagnosis and surgeries in the management of the patients so as to achieve the highest level of patient satisfaction.

The ideology of DJEH is that none should be deprived and none should suffer insufficiency of light and to keep all the eyes sparkling with the best quality vision Feel not scared of the costs or scary procedure for a touch of DJEH takes care of your vision and retains the precious eyes as healthy as ever.

We offer a complete range of eye care services including LASIK , CATARACT, GLAUCOMA & DIABETIC RETINAL LASERS.

Our Mission

To diffuse darkness & infuse light into everyone's eyes.

Dr. S. K. Bulchandani

M.B.B.S. D.O. (BOM), D.O.M.S., D.N.B. (OPTHAL), M.N.A.M.S., ICO (UK)



Dr. S. K. Bulchandani,

Dr. S.K. Bulchandani is practicing opthalmologist with special interest in Cataract with multifocal lenses, Squint, Glaucoma & Laski& Retinal Lasers. He Excels in the field of Laser eye Vision correction(Lasik) of which he has perfomed thousand of corrective eye surgeries in his career

He has recently been bestowed with Excellent Opthamologist of the year award by R K Trust Foundation for his exemplary work & Skill & also for his humanitarian services for the lesser sections of the society.

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